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NRL GF seals the deal

  • NRL GF seals the deal
  • NRL GF seals the deal
  • NRL GF seals the deal
  • NRL GF seals the deal
  • NRL GF seals the deal
  • NRL GF seals the deal

You can have the hullabaloo associated with finding salt on Mars. I would rather jump over the moon with joy after witnessing the 2015 NRL Grand Final.

Was it the best ever? Well, with the exception of St George Illawarra Dragons’ epic 2010 GF victory, perhaps it was.

Although Fat Albert’s effort for Newcastle against the Sea Eagles in 1997 and the Raiders win over Balmain in 1989 are both worthy contenders.

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If the QLD theme during the buildup to this year’s grand final didn't make you puke in your cornflakes, seeing the PM and two state Premiers up on stage at trophy time surely made you dry retch by day’s end.

But between breakfast and lights out there was some seriously appetizing league to lap up. All that is obvious has been well and truly covered.

Here’s another Set of Six to ponder….

1.     Retiring Red Vs Justin Hunt and Bronson Harrison. Great servants of the club and the game.

2.     Barnsey throttling his tonsils as hard as JT strikes an upright.

3.     Crocodile tears shed for Hunt and Hodges? C’mon, it is the Broncos

4.     Give the ball Tu-im mavave and see how hard a Cowboy runs

5.     Blair’s offload and double smashing of JT

6.     Ron Massey in the box with Wayne Bennett.

7.     Morgan’s Maradonna moment: a one-hand flick to fame

Can you deliver a set of six that gains more metres?

One can’t let the ball roll dead during a momentous weekend without mentioning (briefly) those two ‘other’ codes.

Juxtapose yesterday’s NRL thriller with the AFL Nullarbor train wreck that resulted 24 hours earlier.

West Coast Eagles? More like shot ducks beaten by a side wearing a strip resembling a soiled nappy: Hawthorn, also known as Poos and Wees.

The Hawks were made to look good by a fumbling, sinking team of sandgropers. No wonder some in WA want to secede from the rest of the country. It was a game best flushed away with ones and twos.

The Wallabies smashing England. When it comes to beating the mother country, we’re all as one no matter what code you choose to follow.

Bravo Bernard Foley. By geez he’d look good in red and white. C'mon Mr Doust, table an offer!

What the hell do die-hard NRL followers do now?

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