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Will Farrah Rein on Dragons’ parade?

  • Will Farrah Rein on Dragons’ parade?
  • Will Farrah Rein on Dragons’ parade?
  • Will Farrah Rein on Dragons’ parade?

Just when our season ended on a high with one of the most courageous losses you could ever wish for (if you had to lose), now it is rumoured that Robbie Farrah is close to swapping his black and gold stripes for the red V. Is this a low point?

One can’t begrudge Farrah for wanting to upgrade his colours but do we really need, or want him?

The decision has the potential to rip the guts out of a promising pack: JDB, big Leeson, the Friz factor, tatts Thommo, Marketo, all had break-out seasons, all running off the Dragons’ happy hooker, Mitch Rein.

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Rein Man might have looked a bit weird with tape lashed around his hair instead of his noggin during the match against the Bulldogs but that’s no reason to go looking for another rake, is it?

Far better to bolster the position with a young gun in 22-year-old Siliva Havili from the NZ Warriors, part of the Warriors 2011 NYC Premiership winning team.

With Kurt Mann, Mose Masoe and Russell Packer amongst other key signings, the future looks bright.

It’s been encouraging to see the Dragons building a team around the current crop of firebrands. You can feel the flames flickering in your red and white nostrils. This is not the time to extinguish the hope by selecting a member of the old guard

The parallel between recent political maneuverings and the goings on at Dragons HQ is frightening similar.

Best not go there except to say, that picking a former ‘great’ as your leader of the pack can often end in disaster.

What’s next, have another tilt at Moltzen and make it a Tigers’ trifecta in the Dragons’ den? Stop pussyfooting around.

Turnbull’s got a new-look ministry that might well flop in round one but he’s gone for youth and exuberance, attributes that Rein Man has in spades.

Last week I was smiling, this week my expression is more like Robbie Farrah’s when he fronts the camera. What’s next, Mullholland moving on? Please no.

Are you still sporting a smile?

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