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Dragons primed to crush Berries

  • Dragons primed to crush Berries
  • Dragons primed to crush Berries
  • Dragons primed to crush Berries
  • Dragons primed to crush Berries
  • Dragons primed to crush Berries

Who would you rather be? A groupie trying to get a look in during mad Monday celebrations or someone who has just slotted the big black eight ball?

The Dragons are still in the game and in the frame for fame in September. Yeeeehaaaa!

When the siren sounded against the Tigers, Dragons fans unhooked their respirators, at least for another week. There’s life in the red and whites.

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2015 has been a rollercoaster journey. From leading the competition early and boasting the best defence in the league to leaking points and losing seven in a row, it’s been a wet and wild ride for the Big Red V.

Pundits have the Dragons four to one against and marching out during round one of the semis but don’t tear up your ticket just yet.

Christmas will come early on Saturday and this is what I've asked for:

1.     A pair of golden boots for Dugan

2.     A set of sharp darts from Rein man

3.     Loads and offloads of ball presents

4.     A fully-charged Marshall battery from Benji

5.     Massive metres of red and white ribbon from Merrin

6.     A Nightingale that sings the winning carol

After missing the semis in recent years, Benny Creagh is chomping at the bit to count back from eight to No1. You couldn't ask for a more seasoned, level-headed leader to prepare a side for the clutch games ahead.

Dogs v Dragons represents a rivalry that transcends the decades.

Is there a team that gets under your skin more than the Bulldogs? The Rorters perhaps? Don’t worry we’ll put them to the sword in a few weeks.

Hard to find any ‘friends’ in this weekend’s matchup with the likes of Kasiano, Klemmer, Jackson and Pritchard: plenty of mongrel about this pack of Berries. And then there’s Bmoz at the back. But we can’t really call him a “dog”, can we?

The Bulldogs’ aggressive nature could be their undoing. With Graham and Reynolds in the side, moments of brilliance are likely to be splattered with brain explosions. Hopefully more of the latter. And Hodkinson’s omission should be of some comfort to Duges the stand in goal kicker.

George Rose looks big on the bench. His experience in playing semi-final footy will help focus the side and his beefy belly will be needed to smother the oxygen from the Bulldogs big men.

If you were presented with a team minus a Marshall but with a Widdop or you were forced to marshall a Marshall without a Widdop, which one would you choose?

Widdop’s been ruled out so the decision has been made. But don’t be downbeat for there were patches of sizzling attack without Widdop last week.

The Dragons' Starsky and Hutchison halves’ pairing helped to load up 30+ points against the Tigers. Here’s for more of the same, starting at 1750hrs on Saturday.

Fire up lads for the season starts now.

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