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Dragons gamble to win in Brisvegas

  • Dragons gamble to win in Brisvegas
  • Dragons gamble to win in Brisvegas
  • Dragons gamble to win in Brisvegas
  • Dragons gamble to win in Brisvegas
  • Dragons gamble to win in Brisvegas

After putting the Warriors in the hangi basket last week, what could be better than taking the Broncos to the knackery this week? Chop them off at the forelocks and see how they run.

I’ll be bucked. When it comes to playing Brisbane, I’m still trying to erase the memories of 1992/93 when the mighty Red V lost to the Broncs in consecutive GFs. Giddy up, that was yonks ago. God bless 2010.

The high-flying Dragons have winged their way directly to Brisbane after winning two on the trot. Kept away and cosseted from the Sydney ‘scene’ and from a regular training routine, it could well prove to be a masterstroke by Mary.

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Cash in boys. Fill your boots and build on the 60+ points you’ve banked in the past fortnight.

The chips aren’t down - for it would appear you’ve discovered your mojo, even without Flojo out wide.

By the looks of the Broncosaurus bones left on plates during a recent night out in enemy territory, the boys are hungry for more.


Ahhh selections, selections. Every spot’s a potential gamble. Here’re a few numbers on the roulette wheel that are sure to have Mary looking for his wallet on Friday night.

2. I’m seeing red with Green on the wing. Gotta love a ginger but Nathan’s a nothing out wide. The Fijian flyer Nabuli is a safer bet.

7. Best not holler for a Marshall at kickoff. Bench Benj, heal that hamstring and bring him back for the game against the Pennies.

8. Amen for Au Mau. Big Leeson, the magic eight ball. Best value big man in the NRL. More please.

5. Blow the bugles, gather the hounds and join the Hunt. Justin Hunt. A top gun Wingman who makes Val Kilmer look soft.

16. “Up There Marketo”, in there and score . He came from the clouds last weekend and planted the pill next to the sticks. Go again son.

17. JDB the ball player? How swift did he look last week? The guy with soft hands, not just silky hair.

So what does a Red V supporter do, roll the dice, auto pick or lock in the numbers? You decide.

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