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Dragons to Slay Knights

  • Dragons to Slay Knights
  • Dragons to Slay Knights
  • Dragons to Slay Knights
  • Dragons to Slay Knights

Today’s match has Grand Final written all over it. The Dragons hemorrhaging from from both nostrils, the Knights shackled to the dungeon floor. Both teams beyond desperate to break their respective form slumps.

After last week’s loss to the Storm, Mary McGregor’s despondency was palpable. The fact that the post-match press conference lasted all of 2 mins 36 seconds speaks volumes. Poor bugger is running out of dial space on the excusathometer.

The mighty Red V should win at home, for there are chinks in the Knights’ armour, notably the absence of playmaker Jarrod Mullen.

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But Michael Stone’s sacking will only galvanise the Novocastriens. How often have teams responded to a shellacking and the culling of a coach than by doing a job on the opposition the following week.

Mary’s melon is desperately being scratched for solutions to the current calamity the Dragons face. The dropping of Heath L’Estrange is debatable as he is one of the few straight runners in the side.

The crab-like running is pushing the Dragons closer to Christmas Island rather than towards the top of the table. Plays are looking predictable and the scarce four pointers result mostly from kicks to the corners.

God love Benji. Noone can fault his appeal but his sideways shuffle is killing the Dragons. The show and goes, the no look passes and the scintillating speed are sadly best remembered during Benji’s Balmain days.

Is it time for McGregor to follow Cricket Australia’s lead and drop a senior stager for a younger version, aka Hutchison?

You can argue the lack of go forward up front and that all will be fixed next season. But it’s the here and now that matters.

In a losing side, Trent Hodkinson’s try against the Roosters on Friday night was a corker. The nuggety-faced pivot ran straight, busted the line and scored just like Trent Barrett used to.

Winning is not the be all and end all but structured play is much easier on a spectator’s eye.

There is a chasm that separates the top four sides from the remainder of the comp but already this weekend’s games have sent the bookies to the booze.

The Tigers have roared back with a win, the Sharkies mauled the Warriors and the Sea Eagles smashed the Broncos. It’s a round of upsets only to be topped by one certainty – a convincing win by the Dragons at Jubilee!

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