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Busted Dragons still Firing

  • Busted Dragons still Firing
  • Busted Dragons still Firing
  • Busted Dragons still Firing
  • Busted Dragons still Firing

With five key players missing in the match against Cronulla and 13 out of the top 25 players in the club's roster under some sort of a cloud, the Dragons were rank outsiders to hook the Sharkies.

Suffering five losses on the trot and now balancing close to the edge of the eight, many have written the team off for season 2015.

But that's where the negativity should end, for there is  a lot to like about the Dragons. 

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Sunday's game was punctuated by first half fizzle and second half sizzle. Fizzle not Frizell returned late in the game but considering the disruptions and lack of cohesion the players' effort was credible.  

If Benny Creagh scored, the result could have been completely different. But such hard luck is replaced with good news .....  

1. Always in the Hunt. Justin Hunt.  What a revelation he is . Quick, keen and straight (runner), Hunt has provided a bit of the 'zip zip' man needed at a time when fans are calling "gimme something." 

2. Tough Draw for Drew.  Benji Marshall's late omission was untimely but Drew Hutchison stepped up. 26 odd tackles later and with some pinpoint left-to-right passes, Hutchison burst on to Marshall's turf and equipped himself well.

 3. Beef with Belief. Listen to Big Bad George speaking after the game. With a twinkle in his eyes and a little thumbs up, he urges Dragons' fans to stay the course. It was a big fat dose of calm reassurance delivered by a bloke who makes plenty of metres and has seen a lot of the game to know what he is talking about.

3. No Crap  Coach . There's no pussy footing around, no Ricky Stuart dummy spitting, just bald-faced facts delivered in a dead pan way by coach McGregor. Win four of the last eight to make the eight. Win six or seven and make the top four. Simple equations.

McGregor is the man. Sporting a clean shaved noggin', perhaps  Mary is a closet Buddhist. He will undoubtedly enter the next life as a Dragon incarnate, but for now he is certainly living in the moment. 

Dragons' fans are split into two camps: those living in the moment and enjoying every game regardless of the result;  and those who are already  looking towards season 2016 for salvation. Logic suggests that if you believe nothing but a Grand Final berth or a top eight place will satisfy your footy appetite every season, then you are destined to be disappointed, week in week out. 

Whether the rest of this season turns to custard for the Dragons is something the tea leaves might divulge. For now, why not adopt the stubby half full approach for there are some top class cattle re-entering the main arena over coming weeks: Thompson, JDB, Friz, Duges, Merrin down the track, and hopefully many minutes of Luke Page in the top grade. 

Here's "cheers" to the wrecking ball and to smashing the Rabbits! 



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