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Chook Lotto Monday

  • Chook Lotto Monday
  • Chook Lotto Monday
  • Chook Lotto Monday
  • Chook Lotto Monday

Monday’s game is set to kickoff and the Dragons already have numbers up on the Roosters.

The Steggle’s factory is starting to look a bit lean with the news that next season Roger Tui vask for more sheckles will at once be a warrior and abmaloney will swim with sharks.

Isn’t it great to see the tricolours lose a bit of critical blood supply. For they have always been Stegglers for quality, when snaring top talent from other clubs.

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It must be the perceived kudos that comes with being linked to the name ‘eastern suburbs’ that attracts a lot of players. But how the club fits them all in the cage each season is beyond me. Any clews?

Contrast chooks Sheck and Maloney leaving the hen house against two mighty Red V bits of news: Florence Nightingale and mighty Will Mathews agreeing to stay and play. Legends.

It’s all been said about Nighty, but just in case you missed the key points … he’s a dual premiership winner, World Cup winner and ONE CLUB winner in red and white eyes. Down the track, the same will hopefully be said about Matthews.

Like pieces in a puzzle the Dragons roster is taking some long-term shape: locking in player credits that will pay dividends moving forward.

The way things are shaping, the Mulholland Drive for players might just be a box office hit. What do you think?

One show that has flopped big time at Dragon’s HQ is the selection of home game venues in 2015.

The lights will be on and Dragons fans won’t be at home tonight. They should be, nicely tucked up in the stands at WIN or Jubilee. Couldn’t be a worse situation really.

Back to the chicken dinner tonight.

What a transformation of Jennings – from top cock on Wednesday to feather duster a few days later.

Jennings doesn't deserve to miss Origin. As if he would be rubbed out with the series so delicately poised.

Best not to comment on the controversy except to say that you don’t hear about darts players or chess champions bluing in a car park. Why is it always footy players taking it on the chin?

While Jennings cools his quick boots on the sideline, Pearce, Boyd Cordner and Aidan Guerra are set to back up against the Dragons. Suaia Matagi will come into the side for suspended prop Sam Moa. Duges and Merrin return to the Red V. 

Here’s to plenty of divine intervention again at Allianz – a la Anzac Day – for it will be a tough match to win.

Let the heavens open and let there be plenty of wet feathers, headless chooks and rampaging Dragons to behold – just like the last time the two teams met.

Dragons to win. But by how much?


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