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Rein Man Opens Flood Gates

  • Rein Man Opens Flood Gates

Remember Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man? A man small in stature but big with ideas. We’ve got our own Rein Man, Mitch, the thinking man’s forward.

He might be surrounded by showier types who steal the limelight much like Tom Cruise did, but there’s a lot to love about our hooker.

If you believed some of the banter on various forums earlier in the season, Mitch was to be our archiles heel, with big men running over him all game. "Chewy on ya boot" I say, for Mitch Rein carved up the middle, better than one attacks the Sunday roast.

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[quote]There was blood on the floor, Sharks' blood, as the diminutive No9 scored a cracking 4 pointer[/quote] There was blood on the floor, Sharks' blood, as the diminutive No9 scored a cracking 4 pointer to put the Big Red V on course towards another convincing win.   

Rep honors for NSW Country earlier this season were a fitting reward for Rein Man and the way things are shaping he could well be a bolter for Origin 2.

His stocks took an even better turn against the Sharkies given the woeful performance of grubberkick Ennis.

After kicking a barry crocker drop out that went five metres and into touch, his petty pat on Benji Marshall's head and dodgy hit on Duges, Ennis could well have played his way out of selection if Farrah is ruled out.  

When it Reins it pours with quality football. Does that sound "L'Estrange to you? It shouldn't because the Rein/L'Estrange combo is working a treat.

Both players are playing their socks and boots off. Rein's sprint sessions and Heathies bullet passes out in front are producing two hookers in one and leaving opposition teams at 6s and 7s. 

With Widdop and Marshall on the receiving end of this dual alliance, it's strong enough to even put Sepp Blatter back in his place.

Go you good young things sitting on top of the table. 18 competition points is money in the top eight bank for Dragons fans.


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