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Dragons vs. Sharks Player Ratings

  • Dragons vs. Sharks Player Ratings

Josh Dugan

He had a big game for NSW on Wednesday and backed it up with another man of the match performance, 230m and a try from the big unit was an outstanding effort, he supported his halves and forwards all game and reaped the benefits. A couple of errors on our line were disappointing but still to get up after such a huge effort in origin was impressive. 9/10

Eto Nabuli

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This was probably his best performance of the year, he got in and helped his forwards and wasn’t found out in defence, and finished off an excellent movement to score a good try. Really seems to be finding his feet in first grade. 8/10

Peter Mata’utia

Now that he has cemented a spot in the top grade he can work on one position rather than being a jack of all trades. He scored a really tough try and took some tough hitups. His defence was ok but missed a couple of tackles that he should have probably made. Time in one position will fix this as he usually plays fullback he doesn’t make as many tackles, so the defensive load of centre will take him some time to get down. 7/10

Euan Aitken

A quiet game in attack from Aitken as the dragons targeted the other edge but he was still busy in defence making 25 tackles. He has yet to be found out in defence and the attacking part of his game will only grow as time goes on. 7/10

Jason Nightingale

An excellent performance from Nightingale, 150 running metres and 15 tackles in a faultless performance, he always gives his forwards a rest in the middle and later parts of the games, and today was no different, true captains knock.8/10

Gareth Widdop

Widdop was outstanding in this clash, really taking the game by the scruff of the neck, a couple of try assists and a club record 9 goals was exactly what was needed from Widdop and he delivered. Ran the ball well and created space with some deft passes. 9/10

Benji Marshall

As good as Widdop was, Marshall was as good, with a couple of try assists of his own, he really took on the line and created havoc close to the line with his hot stepping and pin point kicking game, if he and Widdop keep playing like this the Dragons will be a real threat in the back end of the year. 9/10

Leeson Ah Mau

Stock standard performance from Ah Mau, 100m and 15 tackles, no frills and no mistakes. The real toiler in the engine room. 7/10

Mitch Rein

If Ennis was trying to show he was ready for origin he didn’t do a good job and was clearly up staged by Rein, his name has been thrown around and with 40 tackles a couple of line breaks and a beautiful solo try he did his reputation no harm. 8/10

Mike Cooper

This was a quiet game for Cooper only having 7 runs but he made 30 tackles, De Belin and Creagh had far bigger roles in this game and that took the focus away from Cooper. 6/10

Tyson Frizell

10 runs and 30 tackles are what you come to expect from the Frizz, once again has kept his name up there for origin, a couple of offloads really showed his ability and game breaking ability that NSW could use. 7.5/10

Will Matthews

Was called in to the starting line up to replace the injured Thompson and he performed exceptionally well. 130m and 20 odd tackles and he ran one of the best lines you will ever see to score a try, I really hope he is resigned, he adds so much especially if there are injuries. 8/10

Trent Merrin

He was pretty quiet in this contest and he really couldn’t blame it on origin given he only played 20 minutes, a few silly errors and a couple of missed tackles didn’t prove he should be in the team come origin 2. 6/10


Ben Creagh

He made his presence felt when he came on, 9 runs for 100m and 20 tackles, a good impact performance for Creagh and he will need more of the same for the rest of the year if he is to stay apart of the top 17. 7/10

Jack de Belin

Another top performance from the D Bomber, 120m and 30 tackles and a new haircut, what more could you want. I was surprised he wasn’t called into the starting lineup when Thompson was ruled out, nonetheless he was one of the best on field and scored a really good try to boot. 8/10

Jake Marketo

A limited role for Marketo in his return to the top grade, it is hard to see him keeping a spot as a backrower, if he plays more hooker in NSW cup he may be able to jag a utility role, especially as Rein starts to play more minutes, he would be a good addition to the team if he can cover Hooker and the backrow. 6/10

Heath L'Estrange

L’Estrange was good when on the field but he keeps coming on later and later and having less of a role, as stated above the best fit for the Dragons may be Marketo playing bench hooker. 6/10


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