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WIN win!

  • WIN win!

So many positives to take from yesterday's 32:18 slugfest against the Green Machine.

Coming off a loss against the Premiers last week it could have been so easy for Mary's men to drop the ball and end up with two losses heading into the bye.

No way Jose. How sweet it is to read the double Dragons’ page in today’s Tele and troll the sports sites online. It truly is a red and white day.

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Much of the press has led with the news of our STI’s gritty win. With Sydney FC's shellacking at the hands of Melbourne yesterday in the A League Final, it's not surprising that Sunday arvo footy is the toast of the town.

St George Illawarra who? Top eight material? Oh yeh baby, and as it stands at the moment, it’s the only Sydney-based side to be entrenched in the top four.

The Friz offloading to a flying Aitken, the sharp cutout pass to put a flying Flo over in the corner and a deft Widdop kick to put goanna Benji in beside the sticks should keep the lack-of-attack critics quiet. More please.

Rein Man is sure to clock 100 metres in less than 10 secs soon, and Coops, what can you say. Topped the tackle count and together with Widdop, kept the flag flying for anyone who is English. Poor poms are still crying in their warm beer after the Kevin Petersen saga, so they need a good news story.

What a revelation Peter Mata’ utia is turning out to be. Considered by some to be a distant third behind his more fancied Knights’ brothers, his selection in the middle was a long time coming.

It is perhaps a timely masterstroke by Mary who is marching to his own coaching tune, refusing to respond to selection calls from the sidelines.

[quote]The steeliness in Paul McGregor runs as deep as an Illawarra coal seam. [/quote]The steeliness in Paul McGregor runs as deep as an Illawarra coal seam.Everything about him says Solid: especially character. If he doesn't win coach of the year, I'll paint my bald dome red and white and challenge Skull to a friendly duel.

What price would you give Trent Merrin doing a half-pike-Tedesco- shuffle and turning his back on the Penny Panthers? C’mon Mez, surely Sally will be hard pressed to find a decent wave at water world.

I get the 750k $$$$$ argument but Mez is such a likeable bloke and a true leader among our pack of firebrand Dragons.

And what about the Graduate, Captain courageous Benny Creagh? He's playing a more reserved role these days on the field but is no less committed. Besides, is there a more passionate skipper who sings the team song in the sheds? Nope.

Creagh’s call for Friz and Thommo to be selected as Blues’ bros might just be heard above the din in the dressing room. Here’s hoping.

7 wins.

7th heaven.

Have a rest boys, for you've more than earned a week off. Switch the blow torch in your nostrils on low for a bit, and don't forget to turn it up again in a fortnight.

In the meantime fellow fans, forget about Monday itis. Bask in some Sunday glory and relive these moments.

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