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Dragons vs Roosters Player Ratings

  • Dragons vs Roosters Player Ratings

Josh Dugan

Dugan let in one try but saved about five more, in very tough conditions for a fullback he was outstanding, ran harder than any other player on the field, really put his body on the line and wore a few shots for his troubles, this performance may have been enough to get him an Australian jumper on the wing or in the centres. 8.5/10

Jason Nightingale

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A late inclusion but a good one, safe as houses in the terrible conditions, made it look easy, helped out the forwards with some strong carries, the always reliable Nightingale showed his class and this may be the best make up of the team, Nightingale and Mataíutia on the wings. 7/10 ††

Euan Aitken

Keeps showing that he is every bit a first grader, outstanding against a tough opposition, 17 crucial tackles and 140m tough meters from 14 runs, he created plenty of troubles on the left edge for the Roosters in attack and he was a brick wall in D, might have done enough to jag a country jumper for next week. 8/10

Dylan Farrell

A quiet night for Farrell, not a bad one just didnít see to many opportunities, 100m and 16 tackles a good output, Marshall popped up on the other side if the field a lot and was using his forwards more often to expose Maloney, so Farrell didnít see a lot of ball. 6/10

Peter Mataíutia

I have been calling for it all season, Peter is always in our best line up, and Mary has seemed to see that as well, defensively outstanding and carries the ball with vigour, didnít see too much action in this game but did everything required, scored an excellent try, showed great vision to not give up on the play. 6.5/10

Gareth Widdop

Widdop played like a second fullback in this game, 10 runs not usually seen from halves, either way it was effective, Benji took the kicking reins so Widdop worried about his running and ball playing, exposed some good holes in the Roosters defence and set up a try with a class kick into the in goal area, 3 goals as well in tyring conditions. 8/10

Benji Marshall

This was a different Marshall than anybody has ever seen, he wasnít flashy, he wasnít flamboyant, he was controlled, measured and showed all the class and experience he has learnt over the years, kicked the Dragons into a win, turned Tuivasa Sheck around all night and controlled the tempo perfectly, showed some good sting in defence late in the game to, best performance I have seen from Marshall in a long time, proper halfbacks performance. 9/10

Leeson Ah Mau

Did his job once again, 100m and 25 tackles, tireless work from the workhorse. Forms a very strong defensive line with Cooper and Rein in the front row, Roosters couldnít get past him in either stint, as most teams have found, he may not be the biggest name but he is as tough as any other player going around. 7/10

Mitch Rein

Was at his sneaky best in the abysmal conditions, snuck in for a try that he has been known for his whole career, made plenty of clutch tackles and a few linebreaks in a very well rounded performance, played a few more minutes than previous weeks due to LíEstranges head injury, but performed well regardless. 8/10

Mike Cooper

Mike ĎThe Machineí Cooper, was unstoppable again, 15 runs and 45 tackles and big minutes, he is quickly becoming, if not already, one of the Premier Props in the game. Has great footwork for big bloke and that was on display again against the Roosters, really troubled their defence and a few offloads created some good second phase play. 8/10

Will Matthews

Copped a nasty cut in the first half that forced off the field for an extended period of time, still got through some good work when he was on, 7 runs and 30 tackles without miss, it is hard to see how he misses out when Frizell returns, too good to be in reserve grade. 6/10

Joel Thompson

Put in an exceptional performance in a game that means a lot to him, 12 runs 120m and 40 odd tackles, really leads the Dragons left edge around. Was penalised a few times unfairly but regardless really stepped up his game on the big stage, may sneak into the country team on the back of this one. 8/10

Trent Merrin

Should have been an accountant this bloke, love racking up numbers. 18 runs 170m and 20 tackles, plenty of offloads and just a general nightmare for the Roosters, the rumblings of a backflip from Merrin, would be great if true, if he stays it would keep the best backrow in the competition intact, and for a long time too given their ages. 8/10

Ben Creagh

Achieved a very special feat in this game, 250 games for the Dragons, and what an occasion and what a result, didnít play big minutes but stiffened up the tiring defence late in the game and took some very tough carriers to keep the Dragons rolling. 6/10

Jack DeBelin

If Merrin does go we already have his replacement, DeBelin has gone to another level this year, has added some ball playing and a good offload and is doing his best to be a meter eater, the same was true in this one 130m and 35 tackles, took on Napa after the earlier stoush and seemed to really rattle him, D bomber hits as hard as anyone in the NRL and could also be a Rep bolter. 8/10

Jake Marketo

Didnít see much game time, but lasted longer than last week, 5 runs and 10 tackles was all he was required to do, may make way when Frizzell returns, with Matthews pushing back onto the bench. 5/10

Heath LíEstrange

Didnít see much game time due to a nasty gash on his head, not too much to talk about 15 tackles and no runs, not a great night but didnít have much choice in the matter. 4/10

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